Sunday, April 2, 2017

Impressive Topeka Ham Antenna!

I have been an amateur radio operator (Ham) for a little over three years. My call sign is KE0ABZ. A few months ago I passed my General exam, which permits me to use almost all of the bands and frequencies set aside for amateur citizen use.

One day I was out for a run in Topeka, KS and could not believe my eyes when I looked up at this house and saw the size of this high frequency antenna. I laughed at surprise and admiration of how this person would have had to convince his wife that this was a good idea.

When you are near this house you have the feeling that the house will actually tip over. Nevertheless, I would love to speak to this operator to find out more about his radio set up. I think I will be able to contact him since the two cars in the driveway both had call signs on the licence plates.