Thursday, May 31, 2018

Trump the Strategist Pardons Dinesh Dsouza

As many are finally beginning to realize,  Donald Trump is a prescient strategist. In his most recent move, he will pardon Dinesh Dsouza, who was prosecuted for two campaign finance violations in 2014. Many conservatives objected to the criminalization of a financial error that lacked any self serving motive or intent to violate the law. In short, many viewed it as the establishment (a.k.a the Deep-State) going after a grass-roots conservatives. These Deep-State tactics were common during the Obama administration as was seen when the IRS illegally targeted the Tea Party. 

This is not the first strategic pardon President Trump has granted. In April, Trump pardoned Scouter Libby after he was convicted in 2004 for process crimes emanating from a special prosecutor investigation. This is an old FBI/DOJ tactic. When they investigate a potential crime and can't prove it, they hit you with a process crime.

Trump's strategic move appears to be telling Robert Mueller what he intends do with the frivolous process crimes that are coming out of the "Russia" investigation. It is no longer going to be acceptable for the FBI and DOJ to prosecute conservatives on process crimes as a back door means to suppress the grass-roots movement that seek to unseat the undemocratic power of the Deep-State. Mueller is not going to be allowed to come up with process crimes in order to encourage people to provide false evidence against Trump and thereby overturn the 2016 election. As Dershowitz explains below, Mueller is using process crimes to make up for his weak case.

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