Saturday, June 30, 2018

Conspiracy Corner: Gary Walterscheid

(After putting out a call for writers, I was approached by Gary Walterschied. Gary has a far-out theory on the assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan. You, like me, may be skeptical of the claim, but Gary is a fun and accomplished author and copywriter. You will not regret the time reading his  theory. Please feel free to provide your own insights in the comments section. Editor)

Why Trump Should Pardon John Hinckley, Jr.

If you invest a whopping 30-35 minutes to read my new 50-page book – Who Really Shot Ronald Reagan? – you’ll come away with an entirely different perspective about the Reagan assassination attempt than the ‘standard’ one you get from the old news stories, articles, and hi-story books.

My thesis is that there were probably multiple shooters.

But you know what?

I can’t say for sure.

I can only say there’s enough evidence to take another look and consider the possibility that there’s “more to this than meets the eye.”

You see, I happened to discover something in an old documentary about this 37-year-old event. I was shocked, because the video and the doctor narrating it actually revealed the “smoking gun” – and, ultimately, who really shot Reagan!

Everyone who has read my book so far says my “conspiracy theory” is definitely so strong that it merits attention from the proper officials.

You can download my ‘quick-read’ book here. By the way, it’s FREE to readers of this blog! (A $12 value!)

When you read it, you’ll see why President Trump needs to be alerted to this information.

Open a Can of Whoop-Ass!

If I’m right, Trump could use this new evidence to not only open an investigation, but also open a can of whoop-ass on all his most irritating political opponents!

Here I’m thinking specifically of the Bush family and their ilk. You know, the Republicans we used to think were our friends, but are starting to show their true colors because of Trump.

He is “outing” so many fake conservatives, it’s not even funny.

I’m actually enjoying it, because whenever someone important denounces Trump, they self-identify that they’ve been working for the Enemy all along. Now we simply trace their footsteps back, do some sleuthing, and we can prove that the “powers that be” actually have a whole lot of people in their pockets.

Even people we never suspected. People we trusted with our lives.

And that’s why Trump has to be especially careful these days.

As you’ll realize when you read my book – which is full of large pictures of the event, so you can clearly see everything I discuss – this was an inside job.

That is, the Secret Service was involved.

I can prove it – because of the “smoking gun” evidence I discovered in an old video documentary about the event.
It’s simply a matter of connecting the dots. But when you re-examine the video evidence, the photos, and all the eyewitness testimonies… especially what Reagan himself said… you come away with a totally different conclusion.

It’s clear Hinckley did not act alone, but was a patsy.

And if he was a patsy (and a pasty patsy at that), Trump could use this to pull off another HUGE publicity stunt and devastate his enemies.

Imagine if he said, “I’m going to PARDON John W. Hinckley – and I’m going after the people who really shot Reagan!”
That would be a game-changer.

Read my book and you’ll see why!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Coming American Civil War

Many can feel that the U.S. is more divided than ever and may be heading towards a civil war. The divisions become more defined each day. The key divisions are: Upper Class vs Working Class, Liberals vs Conservatives, Globalitsts vs Populists, Post-modern morals vs Traditional morals. John Batchelor and Dr. Michael Vlahos have been discussing the topic of the coming U.S. civil war on the nationally syndicated John Batchelor Show. This week's show provided a good synopsis on the process of "othering" that we are currently experiencing. Enjoy!